Mechatronics Engineering - Bachelor's Degree

HCMUT - Bach Khoa offers Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics for International students, with scholarships and financial aids consideration, opportunities to transfer to partner universities in Australia, USA.


Mechatronics Engineering program provides students with a solid knowledge of mechanical, electrical, computer system, software engineering, and advanced knowledge about the practice of modern industrial environment.

Our program emphasizes the design of electro-mechanical devices ranging from large-scale automated manufacturing systems to micro-scale sensors and instrumentation.


Graduates with a Mechatronic Engineering degree can take up careers in a wide spectrum of industries, including the robotics, aerospace, chemical, gaming, internet/cloud/software, defence, automotive, and manufacturing industries. Mechatronics graduates also work in businesses that require extensive computer infrastructure and algorithms, such as banking and commerce.

Work Designation: Within these industries, Mechatronic Engineering graduates could be:

  • Design engineers

  • Software engineers

  • Project planners, product designers, or project managers.

  • Automation engineer

  • Controls engineer

  • Electro-mechanical systems engineer

  • Real-time systems engineer

  • Robotics engineer

Students have 2 options:

Option 1:

Students study at HCMUT – Bach Khoa (HCMUT) for 4 years and get the Bachelor of Engineering in Mechatronics awarded by HCMUT – Bach Khoa (HCMUT).

Option 2:

After completing 02 years at HCMUT – Bach Khoa (HCMUT), students with financial and academic eligibility may transfer to the following partner universities in Australia and USA the later 02 years to complete their study for Bachelor degree:

  • The University of Technology, Sydney (Australia)
  • Griffith University (Australia)

The official bachelor degree is awarded by the partner university. The advantage of this option is that the student can save about 50% total fee (tuition fee and living expense) compared to studying for full 4 years in Australia to get a Bachelor Degree.


Semester 1

Soft Skills
Physical Training  1
Linear Algebra
Calculus 1
Physics 1
Introduction to Engineering

Semester 2

Physical Training 2
Calculus 2
Physics 2
Physics Lab.
Engineering Mechanics
Engineering Drawing
General Mechanical Practice 1

Semester 3

Vietnamese Language and Cultural 
Physical Training 3
Strength of Materials
Kinematics and Dynamics of Machines
General Chemistry
Electrical and Electronic Equipment for Industrial Machinery
General Mechanical Practice 2
Fluid Mechanics

Semester 4

Engineering Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
Introduction to Control System Technology
Materials and Heat Treatment
Machine Elements
Introduction to Information Technology

Semester Summer

Engineering Workshop

Semester 5

Design Project
Tolerance and Measurement
Numerical Analysis
Vietnamese Language and Cultural
Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering
Dynamic Systems and Control

Semester 6

Mechatronics System Design
Manufacturing Processes
PLC System
Vietnamese Language and Cultural
Probability and Statistics

Semester Summer


Semester 7

Human and environment
Vietnamese Language and Cultural
Project - Mechatronic System Design
Thesis Proposal
Elective courses 1
Elective courses 2

Semester 8

Choose 1 course (3 credits) in group: Economics (IM1013), Business Administration for Engineers (IM3001), Production and Operations Management (IM3003), Project Management for Engineers (IM2011)
Elective courses 3


  • Level of Study


  • Department

    Office For International Study Programs

  • Teaching Language


  • Duration

    4 Years and 0 Months

  • Tuition Fee

    1800 - US Dollar

  • Learning Mode

    Full-Time Learning

  • Discipline


  • Start Term


  • Country

    Viet Nam